Dr.Basant A. Rahman

Education and experience

  • Dr. Basant A. Rahman was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • In 1995, she obtained the German High School Diploma (Abitur) from the German School in Alexandria (Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen, DSB). Dr. Rahman is a Quad-lingual, she speaks: English, French, German, and Arabic fluently.
  • She acquired her Bachelor of Dentistry & Oral Surgery from Alexandria University in 2000 and started working as a general practitioner dentist in Ain Shams University in Cairo.
  • In 2012, she finished her Master Degree in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) from Ain Shams University.


Immigration to Canada

  • Dr. Rahman immigrated to Canada in 2012 with her family and landed in Beautiful British Columbia.
  • In 2013, she successfully passed the exams of the National Dental Examination Board of Canada (NDEB) and became a licensed dentist in Canada.
  • Since 2014, Dr. Rahman has been working as a General Practitioner Dentist and Endodontist in several dental clinics in Vancouver.
  • In 2016, she began her dental practice in Burnaby at Lotus Dental Clinic.


Part Time Instructor

  • Dr. Rahman is a part-time instructor at UBC and Dentachieve Learning Inc.
  • At UBC, she works as a part time instructor in the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • In Dentachieve, she teaches various dental topics to help foreign trained dentists prepare for the NDEB exams. She teaches training courses for Assessment of Fundamental knowledge (AFK) exam, Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS) and Assessment of Clinical Judgments (ACJ) exams.

Professional associations

  • College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC).
  • British Columbian Dental Association (BCDA).